Located both in Europe and Asia, controlling over the entrance of Black Sea, The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 by the national leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The population is over 76 million people.
Ankara is the capital city though Istanbul is the most famous city of Turkey. 
Turkey has a rapidly growing economy. The main sectors are service, industry and agriculture.
Tourism plays an important role for Turkey. Millions of tourists of different ages and nationalities visit Turkey every year. Colorful Istanbul, peaceful Izmir, Mediterranean Antalya – you may choose any place to visit as a tourist or as a study destination.


Turkish higher education system covers all vocational, bachelors, masters and PhD levels.  Almost every subject is covered by the Turkish universities. Most Master's programs last two years while regular undergraduate degree is four years.
Academic year lasts from September/October to May/June and consists of two terms. Council of Higher Education regulates and accreditates Turkish Higher Education System. Since 2001 Turkey is a member of Bologna Process. In the last 13 years Turkey has successfully adapted its higher education structure in line with Bologna criteria. Thus, Turkish higher education diplomas are accredited throughout the world.

Undergraduate programs` cost varies from $1000 to $17 000
Graduate programs` cost varies from $3000 – $10 000


International students will be surprised how wonderful student life can be in Turkey. As a transcontinental country with old history, meaningful traditions and friendly atmosphere Turkey offers you enjoyable time of visiting historical places, viewing impressive scenes, joining local cultures and traditions.
Universities mostly having a campus from provide diverse services: libraries, computer facilities, student counselling, etc. Health departments will offer you general medical care, but it is important for international students to get a health insurance before going to study abroad.


Before going to study in Turkey international students should have a Student Visa. If you intend to study not more than 90 days in Turkey, a Student Visa is not required. Make sure you start you application process before coming to the country. Without a valid visa you will not be allowed to register as a student and study in the university. For visa application all international students should possess a valid passport and “Letter of Acceptance” which should be received from the university. For additional details please visit Turkish Embassy website: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/default.en.mfa

Turkish Universities

School NameCity
Abdullah Gül University (AGU)Kayseri
Acıbadem Universityİstanbul
Ankara University İstanbul
Atılım University Ankara
Bahçeşehir Universityİstanbul
Başkent University Ankara
Beykent University İstanbul
Beykoz Vocational School of Logisticsİstanbul
Bezmialem Vakıf Universityİstanbul
Boğaziçi University İstanbul
Bursa Orhangazi UniversityBursa
Çağ University Mersin
Canik Başarı University Samsun
Çankaya UniversityAnkara
Doğuş University İstanbul
Dokuz Eylül University İzmir
Ecolé International School of Art and Managementİstanbul
Ege University İzmir
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University İstanbul
Fatih Universityİstanbul
Galatasaray University İstanbul
Gazi UniversityAnkara
Gedik Universityİstanbul
Gediz University İzmir
Hacettepe University Ankara
Haliç Universityİstanbul
Hasan Kalyoncu University Gaziantep
İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent UniversityAnkara
İpek University Ankara
Işık University İstanbul
Istanbul 29 Mayıs University İstanbul
İstanbul Arel University İstanbul
İstanbul Aydın Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Bilgi Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Bilim Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Esenyurt Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Gelişim Universityİstanbul
Istanbul Kemerburgaz Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Kültür Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Medeniyet Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Medipol University İstanbul
İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Şehir Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Teknik Universityİstanbul
İstanbul Ticaret Universityİstanbul
İstanbul University İstanbul
İzmir Institute of Technology İzmir
İzmir Katip Çelebi University İzmir
İzmir Universityİzmir
İzmir University of Economicsİzmir
Kadir Has Universityİstanbul
Koç Universityİstanbul
KTO Karatay University Konya
Maltepe University İstanbul
Marmara University İstanbul
MEF University İstanbul
Melikşah University Kayseri
Mevlana University Konya
Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar University İstanbul
Murat Hüdavendigar University İstanbul
Nişantaşı University İstanbul
Nuh Naci Yazgan University Kayseri
Okan Universityİstanbul
Orta Doğu Teknik UniversityAnkara
Özyeğin Universityİstanbul
Pamukkale UniversityDenizli
Piri Reis Maritime Universityİstanbul
Sabancı Üniversitesiİstanbul
Şifa Universityİzmir
Siirt UniversitySiirt
Süleymen Şah University İstanbul
TED University Ankara
TOBB Ekonomi ve Teknoloji UniversityAnkara
Toros UniversityMersin
Turgut Özal University Ankara
Türk - Alman Universityİstanbul
Türk Hava Kurumu UniversityAnkara
Ufuk UniversityAnkara
Uluslararası Antalya UniversityAntalya
Üsküdar University İstanbul
VATEL International Hotel Management Schoolİstanbul
Yaşar Universityİzmir
Yeditepe Universityİstanbul
Yeni Yüzyıl Universityİstanbul
Yıldırım Beyazıt UniversityAnkara
Yıldız Teknik Universityİstanbul
Zirve UniversityGaziantep