Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics

İstanbul - Türkiye


About Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics
Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics was established with the purpose of raising the highly qualified workforce with updated skills required in the field of logistics. The Logistics programme in which Marine, Air, Railway and Road Logistics are thoroughly explored in either English or Turkish as the languages of instruction is here to welcome you. In addition to the Logistics programme, Foreign Trade, Marina and Port Management, Civil Aviation Management, Civil Aviation and Cabin Services, Rail Systems Management, Business Management, Computer Programming, Mobile Technologies, Public Relations and Publicity are all available programmes designed to raise the highly qualified professionals needed for the logistics industry. 

BVSoL Academic Team

BVSoL has a strong academic team actively involved in academic and scientific publications in the field of logistics via Logistics Research and Applications Centre. Based on the philosophy of 'Learning by Doing' both physical and street laboratories to serve the needs of all the programmes, have been formed.

Social Facilities

Our premises are located within the city of Istanbul. For accommodation, nearby state and/or privately owned dormitories are available upon your personal choice. You can have delicious and healthy food at affordable prices served at BVSoL cafeterias. You can organize various events after joining our student clubs whose total number has reached 22 by now. You can alternatively take part in theatre and cinema sessions or poetry readings held occasionally in which you can recite poems in your own language. In all these endeavours, you will have the utmost support from the administration of BVSoL. You can also perform as a Disc Jockey and play your own songs for, which is broadcast live via internet. 

Last but not the least, BVSoL is not only here to open up a career path for you in the field of logistics but also as an institution to equip you with the relavant social and interpersonal skills to help you become a highly qualified individual.


Submission and Registration for 2014-2015 Academic Year
Application Deadline: SEPTEMBER 01, 2014
‘ Enjoy the privilege of Studying at a Logistics themed institution at the Logistics Hub of the Region: Istanbul’

Join us to become the future professionals in international trade and logistics with the relevant up-to-date education and training at BVSoL; a renowned higher education institution functioning at global standards
Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics is located in Istanbul; a unique city where the two continents; Europe and Asia meet. As a vibrant cosmopolitan city, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the Eurasia region with a renowned historical heritage which will lead to the future as the logistics hub of a large territory comprising of the Black Sea and the Caucasus regions, Turkic states, the Balkans and Europe.

Degree Level Offered:

Associate Degree (Undergraduate)*

* Bachelor’s Degree Top-up Study programmes are available both at domestic and international levels

• Minimum Education Requirement:

High School Degree from the country of origin.

Transportation and Accommodation

Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics is located in the Kavacık center where  with attention for proximity to the logistics sector  and  easily accessible from both sides of Istanbul.

Dormitories located nearby our School are listed as below:

Anadolu Hisarı KYK Dormitory (for Women)

İstanbul Ataşehir Dormitory (for Mixed)


Computer Programming

Maritime and Port Management

Foreign Trade

Public Relations and Publicity

Business Management


Mobile Technologies

Rail Systems Management

Civil Aviation Management

Civil Aviation Cabin Services

English Requirements


Tution Fee

Cost in USD:

Annual Full-Time Tuition Fee: USD 5,000

Annual Distance Learning Tuition Fee: USD 2,500

Tuition Fee Includes:

- tuition and fees

- accommodation assistance

- personalized pre-departure advising

- consultancy for immigration – visa procedures

- parental consultancy and support

- transcript assistance

- mandatory general health insurance

- orientation programme on life in Istanbul

- airport pickup upon arrival