Malaysia is a peninsula, situated in Southeastern Asia and bordering Singapore in the South, Thailand in the north and Indonesia in the southwest. Total population is 30,225,000. Ethnic groups are represented by Malaya, Chinese, Indian and other nationalities. Malaysian Malay is an official language, English, Chinese are some of recognizable languages.
Tropical climate, diverse traditions, colorful events and festivals of Malaysia make it one of the newest destination among tourists.


Malaysian education system is regulated and monitored by government. Nowadays both public and private universities offer high education of high quality. Higher education system standards are similar to international. About 70 thousands of foreign students are enrolled for various disciplines. Tuition fees are low in comparison with mostly western universities which is helping students to afford studying abroad.
Academic year is divided into 2 semesters, from September to January and from February to May.  For successful graduation from Bachelor Degree 120 credits are required, 40 credits are required for getting Master Degree.


Education environment is well-known to be very internationally oriented and friendly. Low costs for accommodation and food, efficient transportation system, colorful ethnic traditions will make a foreign student`s life unforgettable. Gourmands can try wide range of delicious and exotic Malaysian food. Those who are interested in cultures and traditions will be able to open new interesting facts about Malaysia and its population. The country is also famous for being a safe country for foreigners with quite low crime level.
Ministry of Education partially provide free medical services, but for more advanced services students should get health insurance before arrival in Malaysia.


It is necessary for international students to possess a student visa before arrival in Malaysia. After university prepares letter of approval, visa application process can be started. Visa can be issued with the help of Immigration Department or Embassy. If student decides to transfer to another Malaysian university during academic year, study visa will be cancelled and new one should be issued by new chosen university. Visa expenses depend on the country of origin.
International students also have an opportunity to have a part time job while studying (with no more than 20 hours per week). For permission students should apply to Immigration department.

Malaysian Universities

School NameCity
Asia Pacific University College of Technology & InnovationKuala Lumpur
Multimedia UniversityMelaka
SEGi UniversitySelangor
Sunway UniversitySelangor
The University of Nottingham Malaysia CampusSelangor
University of MalayaKuala Lumpur