İzmir University

İzmir - Türkiye


İzmir University (IZU) was established by Doğanata Education and Culture Foundation in 2007 as the third foundation university in Izmir and the education started in the Academic Year 2008-2009.


As a young university, IZU continues to grow in the numbers of academic programs offered, number of students, academic and administrative staff.




Vocational School

  • Child Development
  • Computer Programming
  • Tourism and Hotel Management




  1. Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • English Language Teaching
  • Mathematics – Computer
  • Psychology


  1. Faculty of Law


  1. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • International Relations
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Political Science and Public Administration


  1. Faculty of Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Software Engineering


  1. Faculty of Architecture
  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design


  1. Faculty of Medicine


  1. Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Cinema and Television
  • Visual Communication Design


  1. School of Health
  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation




  1. Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences


  1. Master’s Degree

·       Mathematics and Computer Sciences (without thesis)

·       Mathematics and Computer Sciences (with thesis)

·       Computer Engineering (without thesis)

·       Computer Engineering (with thesis)


  1. Graduate School of Social Sciences


  1. Master’s Degree

·       Business Administration (Turkish)

·       Economics Law

·       Health Law


English Requirements


Please consult the International Relations Office to check the availability of scholarships for international students.

Tution Fee