VATEL International Hotel Management School

İstanbul - Türkiye



The teaching model of Vatel schools based on a perfect balance of theory and practical experience. Vatel continues to improve, in a perpetual adaptation of programs to suit the evolving market needs. the lessons of experience.

In perfect harmony with the expectations of the hospitality profession, the success of Vatel relies upon its conviction of its training programmes, its real entrepreneurial passion, always at a human level and never from a financial perspective.

It took two decades to "invent" this model in France and a third for a successful expansion, based on human encounters and of course on the development of tourism in of the country where it starts a new school.

The objective of this model of education is to train students to be competent managers. But the management of Vatel believes that in order to achieve this goal, it needs to be surpassed: whether he/she enters Vatel Buenos Aires, Marrakech and Moscow, the student must have the sure to be on track to get an entry level experience, which enables him/her to acquire skills and knowledge which by itself is sufficient to be successful throughout his/her professional life.

This what Vatel calls savoir-être, le savoir-faire and savoir-diriger...


International Hotel Management Bachelors (BA) Degree - Uluslararası Otel İşletmeciliği Diploması


Bizler Vatel'de, uluslararası otelcilik sektörüne orta ve üst düzey pozisyonlarda görev alacak yöneticiler yetiştiriyoruz.

30 yılı aşkın güçlü bilgi birikimimizle, Vatel uluslararası otelcilik okullarında, turizm ve otelciliği bugün dünyanın her köşesine yayılmış 7000 öğrencimize hem teorik hem de pratik uygulamalarla öğretiyoruz. 

Bu konsept, dünya otelcilik sektörünün profesyonelleri tarafından da onaylandı: Dünyanın en üst düzey otelcilik temsilcileri tarafından, 2010 yılında düzenlenen 3 uluslararası otelcilik yarışmasından 2'sinde ödüle layık görüldük: "En iyi profesyonel başarı" ve "En yaratıcı eğitim" dallarında ödüllendirildik.


The ease at with our students integrate into the professional hospitality industry after the completion studies proves this fact: 100% of our graduates secure employment corresponding to their career plans within three months after finishing school. Our 25,000 strong alumni work in some of the top hospitality establishments around the world. They are an influential network to secure internships and jobs for our students.

At Vatel, we bring together all the conditions necessary to make a career in major international hospitality groups.


English Requirements


Tution Fee