Haliç University

İstanbul - Türkiye


Haliç University is a foundation university, which was founded in 1998 by our Children Leukemia Foundation, which obtained much love and respect both in Turkey and over the world as a result of the remarkable works it has carried out successfully for 25 years.


Haliç University's modern republican vision is in line with the globalizing world. It embraces "Contemporary Quality Principle in Education" to educate its students as specialists who know, use and produce science and technology.


Haliç University offers 21 academic departments in its five faculties, with three schools, School of Nursing, School of Physical Education and Sport and School of Health Sciences and Conservatory.

At our programs, we seek to give each student a mastery of the fundamentals, with an emphasis on professional and intellectually motivated learning and self-reliance. We believe that knowledge, creativity, innovation and transferable skills are necessary factors for employment, so Haliç University aims to equip students with these qualifications.


Furthermore, the overall academic philosophy of the University is to provide students with a challenging as well as a friendly environment in which they can pursue active learning, foster and develop social and cultural enhancement and become increasingly independent learners, acquire knowledge and skills such as problem solving, decision-making about the world around them, and in which they develop strong ethical and moral standards. Our campuses are small enough to be friendly but large enough to offer a comprehensive range of programs.


Haliç University hopes to establish dynamic, cooperative and educational partnerships with well-known universities, institutions and research centers at the international level.




  1. Technical School
    • Computer Technology
    • Electronic Technology


  1. School of Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Stage and Performing Arts Technology


  1. School of Social Sciences
    • Logistics
    • Tourism and Hotel Management
    • Banking and Insurance




  1. Faculty of Architecture
    • Architecture
    • Interior Architecture
    • Industrial Design


2-      Faculty of Arts and Sciences

·         Molecular Biology and Genetics

·         American Culture and Literature

·         Psychology

·         Translation and Interpretation

·         Applied Mathematics


  1. Faculty of Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electronics and Communication Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering


  1. Faculty of Business Administration
    • Business Administration (Turkish and English)
    • Tourism Administration
    • International Trade and Business Administration
    • Public Relations and Publicity
    • Business Information Systems
    • Political Science and International Relations


  1. Faculty of Fine Arts
    • Graphic Design
    • Textile and Fashion Design
    • Photography and Video
    • Plastic Arts


6-      School of Nursing

·         Nursing


  1. School of Health Sciences
    • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
    • Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Midwifery


  1. School of Physical Education and Sport
    • Sports Management
    • Coaching Education
    • Recreation


  1. Conservatory
    • Turkish Music
    • Opera and Concert Singing
    • Theatre




  1. Institute of Natural Sciences


  1. Master’s Degree
  2. Management of Information Systems
  3. Industrial Engineering
  4. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  5. Interior Architecture
  6. Architecture
  7. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  8. Computer Engineering
  9. Applied Mathematics
  10. Electrical-Electronics Engineering
  11. Industrial Products Design


  1. Doctorate Degree
  2. Architecture


  1. Institute of Social Sciences


  1. Master’s Degree
    • Traditional Turkish Music
    • Psychology
    • Applied Psychology
    • Drama
    • Tourism Administration
    • Business Administration
    • Banking and Finance
    • Accounting and Audit
    • International Trade and Management
    • Textile and Fashion Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography and Video


  1. Doctorate Degree /Proficiency in Art
    • Business Administration
    • Textile and Fashion Design (Proficiency in Art)
    • Traditional Turkish Music (Proficiency in Art)

English Requirements


Scholarships are provided to students from departments and will be determined by a proposal from the University Senate and the approval of the Board of Trustees. 

Tution Fee