Toros University

Mersin - Türkiye


Toros University has been established officially on July 23, 2009, when its constitutional legislation had been published in the Official Newspaper.


Toros University is established by Mersin Education Foundation. Mersin Education Foundation owns and operates Toros schools located in Mersin and Tarsus. Mersin Education Foundation has been established by idealistic teachers and has a history of over 40 years.


Toros University aims to be an internationaly recognized university contributing to the shaping of the future with its strong academic staff and educational programs.


Toros University is a dynamic university aware of its responsibilities to serve to mankind and to the community. Toros University aims to contribute to sustainable development.


Toros University aims to educate its students in the areas and professions in demand in a modern society both in the local and the international labor markets.


The educational approach of Toros University can be summarized by the following: ‘Beyond Education Into the Life.'






  1. Vocational School
  • Computer Technology
  • Child Development
  • Graphical Design
  • Construction Technology
  • Logistics
  • Tourism and Hotel Management




  1. Faculty of Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electric-Electronic Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Software Engineering


  1. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Psychology
  • International Trade and Logistics


  1. Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture




  1. Graduate School of Science and Engineering


  1. Master’s Degree
  • Architecture
  • Engineering and Technology Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety


  1. Graduate School of Social Sciences


  1. Master’s Degree
  • Business Administration
  • Business Economics
  • Health Institutions Management
  • Psychology
  • International Trade and Logistics

English Requirements


Tution Fee