İstanbul Şehir University

İstanbul - Türkiye


İstanbul Şehir University rose with an academic pursuit which has directed the Foundation for Sciences and Arts since 1986. İstanbul Şehir University, which took the road as a real “foundation university”, started its actual foundation works in 2007.
The University gained “institutional identity” in May 31, 2008 and went into action in its contact office in Tophane in June 1, 2008. During this process, under the leadership of “Research-Development Group” which gathered a strong, young and dynamic academic community, discussions were brought up relating the unique values that the University is to put forth in view of production and dissemination of information and the problems it may face.
Considering the importance of intellectual discussion and exchange of ideas, deep interviews have took place with the figures who are competent and strong in their field, in order to build the university model in accordance with the needs of the academic world and the community, in which it was born, believing that right questions are more real than quick replies.
In addition to the thorough interviews made with these figures, Research and Development Group continued to discuss which disciplines in the university must be represented by what kind of structure, actors and processes and,  accordingly, prepared “foundation reports” for different departments so as to form a basis for the subsequent academicorganization of the University. The writing process of foundation report was followed by the preparation of the strategic report of the University and within this context, a “search conference” has been held with the participation of fifty prominent figures from different occupational and social groups for the first time in May 2009.
In the following June and July, the preparation of “İstanbul Şehir University Strategic Plan” was completed. Furthermore, the University has started to carry out architectural works on "İstanbul Şehir University, Dragos Campus" as of May 2009.
İstanbul Şehir University, which aims at contributing to the production and dissemination of heuristic information met its first students in 2010-2011 Academic Year, with its unique, participatory, universal and liberal perspective and flourishing team. İstanbul Şehir University continues its activities in Altunizade East, Altunizade West and Altunizade South Campus, under the roof of 6 colleges and 3 graduate schools.


İstanbul Şehir University is a leading university, making Turkey a center for attraction in the field of education both in its region and in the World. Within this context, the University has taken important steps in internationalization and created a multi-cultural atmosphere embracing the differences.

As of 2013- 2014 Academic Year, the university has 400 international undergraduate students from 65 different countries. 25% of our University comprises of international students and this ratio gradually increases within the direction of internationalization goals of the University.




  1. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Turkish Language and Literature
  • Philosophy


  1. School of Law


  1. School of Management and Administrative Sciences
  • Management
  • International Trade and Management


  1. College of Communications
  • Cinema and Television


  1. College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering 
  • Industrial Engineering


  1. School of Islamis Studies




  1. Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences


  1. Master’s Degree
  • Political Science and International Relations-MA (Thesis/ Non-Thesis, English)
  • Cultural Studies-MA  (Thesis, English)
  • Modern Turkish Studies-MA (Thesis, English)
  • History-MA (Thesis, English)
  • Sociology-MA (Thesis, English)
  • Public Law-MA (Thesis/ Non-Thesis , Turkish)
  • Private Law-MA (Thesis/ Non-Thesis, Turkish)


  1. Doctorate Degree
  • History


  1. Graduate School of Business


  1. Master’s Degree
  2. Business Non-thesis Graduate Program
  3. Sheffield Executive MBA Program


  1. Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences


  1. Master’s Degree
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering

English Requirements


In the 2013-2014 Academic Year, all international students will be admitted to the undergraduate programs on full or partial scholarships. These scholarships are valid for 5 years duration (1 year of English Preparatory Program plus 4 years of undergraduate study). Coverage of scholarships is as follows:


  1. A+ (Super Scholarship):

A+ (Super Scholarship) opportunities provided for students are as follows:

•    Full tuition waiver,
•    9 months free dining,
•    1000 TL course material support for one academic year,
•    9 months free accommodation in rooms for 4 persons at ŞEHİR Guesthouse,
•    Monthly stipends for 9 months.


  1. A (100% Tuition Waiver): Student has full tuition waiver. Accommodation and dining services are chargeable.
  2.  Those who will apply for Super Scholarship (A+) and Full Scholarship (A) are required to certify their Advanced level of English.


  1. B (75% Tuition Waiver): Student pays 5.000 TL for preparatory program and 6000 TL for undergraduate study. Accommodation and dining services are chargeable.


  1. C (50% Tuition Waiver): Student pays 10.000 TL for preparatory program and 12.000 TL for undergraduate study. Accommodation and dining services are chargeable.


  1. D (25% Tuition Waiver): Student pays 15.000 TL for preparatory program and 18.000 TL for undergraduate study. Accommodation and dining services are chargeable.


Health Insurance

All admitted international students will be provided with state health insurance (GSS) free of charge.


Laptop Computer
All admitted international students will be given free laptop computers.




Graduate School of Social Sciences
Most of the students who are admitted to Graduate Programs can benefit from the below scholarship options in return for assistance and on a merit-base assessment:

• Full tuition waiver,
• Monthly payment of between 500 TL and 1250 TL for 21 months 
• Free Dining
• Private Health Insurance

• Laptop Computer
• Opportunity to benefit from Research Assistance Fund TÜBİTAK Scholarship students will be granted additional supports. Graduate students who have been admitted to English Preparatory Program will only have full tuition waiver during that one year they pass in preparatory program.


Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences 
• Limited but competitive scholarships are offered after a merit-base assessment of all applications.
• Scores for GPA, ALES, English proficiency of applicants and letters of recommendation are all taken into consideration during the assessment of eligibility of the applicant for scholarship and their coverage.
• Scholarship levels may change from a tuition-waiver plus health insurance level to 1600TL/month stipend plus tuition-waver, free lunch, research support, accommodation support, etc., which may total up to 2000TL/month.
• Students with scholarships may be required to serve as academic assistants up to 20 hours/week.
• Students may also obtain additional support from their advisors or projects if they involve in sponsored research projects.

TÜBİTAK scholarship students will be granted other supports as free dining, transportation, accommodation, course material and research.

Tution Fee

Payment in Advance

Tuition fee can be paid in advance to the below bank account by money order and EFT or in cash to the bank account which will be opened at Altunizade East Campus of the university during the registration period.  For the payments, which will be made by EFT or money order, student’s name and identity number is required to be written at the explanations part.


The bank info where the tuition fee is to be placed:

Bank Name: Halkbank Suadiye Branch (Branch Code: 149)

Account Name: İstanbul Şehir University

Account No: 16000011

IBAN No: TR10 0001 2009 1490 0016 0000 11


If the whole tuition fee is paid in cash or paid by credit card as bullet payment, there will be a reduction of 5%.


For example, below you can see the tuition fee of an English Preparatory Program student who has the right who is eligible to 5% reduction for payment in advance along with 50% Scholarship and 20% first choice scholarship in 2012-2013 academic year:

20.000* 0,5=10.000 – 10.000*0,8=8.000 – 8.000*0,95=7.600 TL’dir.


In payments in advance, the reduced amount can be paid by money order without any cost to all Halkbank branches in Turkey to the above-mentioned bank account or can be paid by EFT from all other banks in Turkey.


Payment Options by Installments  


1. Credit Cards

Tuition fee can be paid in 8 installments by using the “Advantage” or “World” credit cards.  However, the credit card limit must be sufficient to pay the tuition fee. Advantage featured credit cards are the credit cards of Halkbank and HSBC bank; World featured credit cards are the credit cards of Halkbank and HSBC bank.  Those who want to use these cards can demand their Advantage or World credit cards from the related banks before registration.

Tuition fee cannot be paid in cash in monthly installments or by checks and bill.


For payment via Internet;

Students admitted in 2012

Ongoing Students


2. By Automatic Collection System (ACS )

Tuition fee can be paid in 8 installments by using the “Advantage” or “World” credit cards.  In this vein, the bank and the person who will pay the tuition on  behalf of the student will sign an agreement at the office of Halkbank at the Altunizade East Campus during the registration period.  In this system, those who will make the payment on behalf of the student place the installment payments on the Credit Deposit Account which will be opened in their own name. The first installment is paid in cash to the bank and the other 7 installments are paid by ACS within the context of the agreement signed with the bank. If the installment payment is not made to the bank in the ACS system, the payment is automatically made to the university from the credit deposit account.In this case, the bank will accrue overdue interest to the holder of the credit deposit account.


Those who will pay the tuition fee by ACS system are required to bring their income certificate (payroll, tax certificate etc.) so as to be submitted to the bank when coming to the registration. ACS agreement is required to be renewed each year by negotiating with the bank.


3. Education Loan

Tuition fee can be paid by obtaining education loans from the banks.  In this case, as the payment will be made in cash, 5% cash reduction will be enabled.  In accordance with the agreement made between Halkbank Suadiye Branch and our University, those who will pay the tuition fee may use education loan under appropriate conditions. In this case, term options up to 12 months are presented. For further information about education loan and Automatic Collection System, you can reach Halkbank Suadiye Branch from below phone numbers:


Halkbank Suadiye Branch Phone Numbers: (0216) 373 86 50, (0216) 373 51 25


During registration period, Halkbank Suadiye Branch will open an office at Altunizade East Campus. Payment of tuition fees and all registration-related procedures can be carried out at this office.


Students who complete the first period of English Preparatory Program can pay the remaining amount for the undergraduate program at the beginning of the second semester either in cash or by credit card.   


For further information about calculation of tuition fee and payment methods and additional opportunities of installments offered by banks, you can contact Financial Affairs Office by the following phone numbers:


Financial Affairs Office:  (0216) 559 90 37 – (0216) 559 92 35