Istanbul 29 Mayıs University

İstanbul - Türkiye


Our university was established in 2010 in Istanbul, where the people from different beliefs and cultures have been living together for centuries and which is the meeting point of the civilizations, is aiming at making valuable contributions to the science for the benefit of the humanity. In order to succeed with this goal, we aim on raising competent researchers and scientists and to create an international environment hosting students from Central Asia, Europe, Americas, Oceania and Africa through partnership with universities around the world and with the Lifelong Learning Program of the EU.


The university is sponsored by the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, one of the most important Turkish charities that since 1975 assist poor and thousands of students in Turkey and abroad. Moreover, the University is supported by ISAM, the most important centre for research of Islam in Turkey.


At İstanbul 29 Mayıs University education is delivered in Turkish, Arabic and English. To prepare students for their courses the Univesity has established the School of Foreign Languages to provide our students with the necessary language skills. Non-Turkish students will also have classes in Turkish.


At the moment the University has three faculties that offer undergraduate programs: Arts and Literature, International Islamic and Religious Sciences, and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Moreover, there is an Institute of Social Sciences that offer master and Ph.D. programs.


İstanbul 29 Mayıs University Continuing Education Centre (29 Mayıs SÜREM) which has started its service in 2012 is providing education programs, courses, seminars, workshops, national and international meetings so that people from every segment of society could develop their knowledge and skills in foreign languages, as well as areas related to academic and career development such as undergraduate, graduate and further education programs of our university.


In the near future, we plan to found research centres within our university so that our university will reach its goal of being one of the leading scientific research centres.




1-Faculty of Arts and Letters

  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Turkish Language and Literature


2-Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

  • Politics and International Relations (English)


3-Faculty of International Islamic and Religious Studies

  • Islamic and Religious Studies
  • International Program of Theology




1-Institute of Social Sciences


a)Master’s Degree

  • Philosophy (with thesis)
  • Turkish Language and Literature (with thesis)
  • History (with thesis)
  • Politics and International Relations (with thesis and non-thesis)
  • Basic Islamic Sciences (with thesis)


b)Doctorate Degree

  • History
  • Bacis Islamic Sciences

English Requirements


In the academic year 2012-2013, the departments of Philosophy, History and Turkish Language and Literature have admitted 8 foreign students each with full scholarship, which includes tuition fees, food and accommodation. The Faculty of International Islamic and Religious studies has granted 15 scholarships for foreign nationals. For the new academic year’s scholarship policies, please contact the international office.

Tution Fee