İstanbul Ticaret University

İstanbul - Türkiye


Adopting the concepts “Local Identity, Global Vision” as a principle, Istanbul Commerce University was founded in 2001 as a social responsibility project of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. With its 129-year history and businessmen representing the half of Turkish Economy, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is one of the most powerful chambers of the world. With this background, Istanbul Commerce University which combines the university with the business world, has been preparing its students to the future with more than 200 professional and prominent faculty members.


Istanbul Commerce University, one of the first foundation universities of Turkey, has taken its privilege from its training programs, professional and prominent faculty members, technical facilities and its future vision aiming to serve to its students. Our university started functioning in 2001-2002 academic year with 73 students, celebrating its 11th anniversary  with the number of students counting more than 6000 as of today, has been continuing to rise in a consistent way in academic world with national and international activities held each year, and with its academic studies as well as its publications.


Another feature that grants a privilege to our university is its location in central and prominent environs of Istanbul, which is one of the capitals of culture in the world. This situation not only eases the transportation but also makes it possible to keep up with the pulse of the century with Istanbul, open up to the world and future, always to become active, innovative and pioneer thanks to the meeting of culture, science, art, and economy at national and international levels.

Campuses of Istanbul Commerce University are located in privileged quarters of Istanbul like Kucukyali, in Eminonu at the heart of the old city as well as Sutluce on the shore of Golden Horn. Istanbul Commerce University has the privilege of feeling the pulse of today’s social, cultural, scientific and economic lives as an education institution at the shore of historical peninsula, in the midst of historical locations, almost beside the commercial centers.


Istanbul Commerce University aims to raise young people who understand the age, appreciate intellectual freedom and participation, who have high professional skills, comprehensive vision and strong sense of facing international competition and the world, to develop with society, business world and production processes. For this purpose, Istanbul Commerce University has invested in the scientific future of our country with six faculties, English Preparation School, Vocational High School, Graduate Schools of Social Sciences, Science and Engineering and Foreign Trade.


Our international students, whose number have reached 139 by the academic year of 2012-2013, come from 27 different countries. (Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of The Congo, Djibouti, China, England, Germany, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Somali, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan) 89 of these students attend Undergraduate Programs while 36 of them attend Graduate Programs. For the 2012-2013 academic year, half of the per-department quotes assigned for international students were granted full scholarship. International students are also granted partial scholarships in particular departments by our university.


    • Foreign Trade
    • Logistics
    • Computer Programming
    • Retail and Store Management
    • Air Logistics (English)
    • Airport Ground Services Management (English)




  1. Faculty of Commercial Sciences
  2. Business Administration (English)
  3. Business Administration
  4. International Trade
  5. Banking and Finance
  6. Tourism Management
  7. International Relations
  8. Economics (English)
  9. Economics
  10. Accounting and Auditing


  1. Faculty of Engineering and Design
  2. Industrial Engineering
  3. Computer Engineering
  4. Mechatronics Engineering (English)
  5. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (English)
  6. Jewellery Engineering (English)
  7. Fashion and Textile Design
  8. Interior Architecture and Environmental Design


  1. Faculty of Law
  • Law


  1. Faculty of Communication
  2. Media and Communication Systems
  3. Public Relations
  4. Visual Communication Design


  1. Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  2. Media Production Technologies
  3. International Logistics
  4. Civil Aviation Management




  1. Graduate School of Social Sciences


  1. Master’s Degree
  2. Business Administration (Turkish) (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  3. Business Administration (English) (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  4. Economics (Turkish) (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  5. Economics (English) (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  6. International Trade (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  7. International Relations (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  8. Applied Psychology (Non-thesis)
  9. Private Law (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  10. Public Law (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  11. International Commercial Law and the EU (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  12. International Banking and Finance (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  13. Accounting and Auditing (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  14. Public Relations (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  15. Media and Communication Systems (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  16. Tourism Administration (Thesis/Non-thesis)
  17. Family Counseling and Education (With Thesis)
  18. Insurance and Risk Management (With Thesis)
  19. Insurance (Non-Thesis)
  20. Human Resource Management (Non-Thesis)
  21. Commercial Diplomacy (Non-Thesis)


  1. Doctorate Degree
  • Business Administration
  • International Commercial Law and the EU
  • Financial Economics
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Banking


  1. Graduate School of Science and Engineering


  1. Master’s Degree
    • Industrial Engineering (Thesis/Non-thesis)
    • Industrial Physics (Non-thesis)
    • Statistics (Thesis/Non-thesis)
    • Mathematics (Thesis/Non-thesis)
    • Computer Engineering (Thesis/Non-thesis)
    • Mechatronics Engineering (Thesis/Non-thesis)
    • Jewellery Engineering (Thesis/Non-thesis)


  1. Doctorate Degree
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Jewellery Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering

English Requirements


Full and partial scholarship opportunities at different ratios are available for only Foreign Country citizens with the appreciation and evaluation of Admission Committee and with the confirmation of Board of Overseers.  Full scholarship covers university tuition fees.

Tution Fee