Nazarbayev University

Astana - Kazakhstan


Nazarbayev University, created on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, aims to become the first research and world-class university in Kazakhstan. The activities of the University are associated with the implementation of the main priorities of the country, including the development of advanced research capacity, innovation in technology and industry, and the transition to a system of education that meets the demands of a changing and globally integrated economy.

The academic process at the University is based on international educational standards, which contributes to the advancement of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and takes it to the international level. This is the first university in Kazakhstan that is committed to working according to international academic standards and guided by the principles of autonomy and academic freedom. The University’s autonomous status was granted by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 19 January, 2011, “On the status of “Nazarbayev University”, “Nazarbayev Intellectual schools” and “Nazarbayev Fund".



The School of Engineering

The School of Science and Technology

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences


Graduate School of Business

• Full Time MBA

• Executive MBA

Graduate School of Public Policy:

• Master of Public Policy

• Master in Public Administration

Graduate School of Education:

• Ph.D. in Education

• M.Sc. in Educational Leadership

• M.A. in Multilingual Education

School of Humanities and Social Sciences:

• MA in Eurasian Studies

• MA in Political Science & International Relations

• M.A. in Economics

School of Science and Technology:

• MSc in Biological Sciences

• MSc in Computer Science

• MSc in Physics

• MSc in Robotics

School of Engineering:

• Master of Engineering Management (joint Program with GSB)

• Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

• Master of Science in Civil Engineering

• Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

• Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

• PhD in Science and Engineering

School of Medicine:

• Doctor of Medicine (MD)

• Master of Public Health (MPH

English Requirements


Tution Fee