Stratford University

Virginia - United States


Stratford University is a private educational institution dedicated to preparing students for the challenges of a rewarding career. Alumni pursue professions in high-demand fields like information technology, hospitality, culinary arts, business administration, health sciences, and nursing. With convenient locations in Falls Church, Woodbridge, Richmond, Newport News, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Baltimore, Maryland, Stratford University is the ideal place to fulfill academic and professional goals.

Stratford University offers Associate, Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, as well as many non-credit workshops and courses. Our curriculum combines advanced technology, hands-on labs and traditional educational methods to create a program that produces a valuable educational service to our students and their future employers.

This emphasis on individual learning methods results in student academic success without lowering required employer-based standards. Consequently, Stratford alumni enjoy a high placement rate in high-demand industries.

Stratford University is exempt from requirements of oversight to grant Associate, Bachelor's and Master's Degrees by State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV).

Our Mission

Stratford University's mission is to prepare students for rewarding careers by providing quality, competency-based educational programs that meet the changing needs of employers in high demand industries.

Stratford provides a student-centric classroom environment to accommodate all learning styles.

The face and climate of today's business world is changing rapidly. Economic growth and the constantly transforming needs of modern industries can provide exciting and challenging opportunities for qualified graduates. Stratford University is at the forefront of these changes and is dedicated to finding employment for graduates in this evolving job market. Our innovative approach to education helps our graduates achieve the skills and self-confidence needed to be successful.

Student-Centric Instructional Methods

Stratford University's instructional techniques are based on individual student needs. We use a variety of different teaching techniques in order to reach out to students with different learning styles. Feedback is provided to each student through mid-quarter action plan in order to help each student succeed. Free tutoring is offered in certain subject areas to provide additional help to the students in need.

Level of Competency

All students are assessed frequently during the course of their studies with assignments related to the course deliverables to determine their level of competence and any deficiencies are addressed. Our focus on clearly defined objectives sharpens the educational process. In this environment of instructional flexibility against a backdrop of firm standards, students who formerly were not successful achieve real success.

Stratford's Teaching Staff

Our teachers along with Career and Student Services department shepherd each student through the career preparation process, helping with resumes and showing them how to prepare themselves to meet future employers. Stratford also provides guidance on a proper dress code for interviews. Our approach to document and follow-up on attendance ensures that our graduates are ready for all aspects of the business world.

Career Transition Program

Students may select a career transition program, which includes an internship. The internship is an effective job placement method and learning tool. This process helps students demonstrate their true abilities while giving employers the chance to assess the job skills of each student before making an offer. It also gives experience to students who are dramatically changing their career paths and prevents them from being “resume-locked” by their job history.

Above all, Stratford University seeks to give its students the relevant skills and knowledge to maximize their potential and pursue a satisfying career. The University is able to achieve these goals through a carefully-planned program of proven teaching and testing methods that result in high job placement rates and overall satisfaction from both instructors and students. This is education that works.


School of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

International Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Accounting

Master of Science Enterprise Business Management

Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting

Accounting Diploma 

Accounting Certificate 

School of Computer Information Systems

Master of Science in Software Engineering

Master of Science in Information Systems

Master of Science in Information Assurance

Master of Science in Telecommunications

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 

Associate of Applied Science in Network Management and Security

School of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management

Master of Science in International Hospitality Management 

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Management 

Associate of Applied Science in Advanced Culinary Arts

Associate of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry Arts 

Associate of Applied Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Advanced Culinary Arts Professional Diploma 

School of Health Sciences

Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration/Management 

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

Associate in Applied Science in EKG-Phlebotomy Technician 

Associate in Applied Science in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Associate in Applied Science in Pharmacy Technician 

Associate of Applied Science in Clinical Hemodialysis Technician 

Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting 

School of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

English Requirements

TOEFL is 79 (IBT) or 213 (CBT). 

IELTS is a 6.5-band.  


Stratford has a number of general scholarship programs for undergraduate studies. At this time, there are no graduate scholarship programs. Let our Admissions Department help you explore all your scholarship options. Selected scholarships are listed below.

Graduating High School Senior Scholarship Program -- The Graduating Senior Scholarship Program is designed for eligible high school seniors who enroll at Stratford University during the summer and fall quarters following their high school graduation. In order to qualify, students must:

Complete and submit a scholarship application, normally before July 15th of the calendar year 

Provide evidence of having a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better; 

Submit an essay which demonstrates the desire to achieve success in entering the student’s selected program; 

Provide evidence of being a well-rounded individual who has participated in school activities, community service, etc. 

Each campus can award up to $20,000.00 annually in scholarships to high school seniors. Selected students will be awarded a maximum of $1,500.00, which will be disbursed in six equal portions of $250.00 per six consecutive quarters. To remain eligible, student must be enrolled at least 9.0 course credit hours and must maintain their status of active for the next six quarters. If as student withdraws, they are no longer eligible for the remaining funds of their scholarship. If a student takes STNA or approved leave of absence, they are still eligible for the scholarship as long as they return the subsequent quarter.  Each campus will have their own panel which should include the campus director and campus dean to evaluate the applicants and choose the recipient of the scholarship.

Private Scholarship Programs -- Stratford University accepts private scholarships from foundations, service clubs, and other organizations. Examples of these programs used by Stratford students include Culinary Scholarship Programs such as the scholarship from Careers in Culinary Arts (C-CAP) Culinary Competition, American Culinary Federation Scholarship Fund, Virginia Culinary Competition, Northern Virginia Culinary Competition, or Discover America.

Stratford University Academic Scholarship --This program is designed is designed for current students and graduates who are entering a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Master’s degree program meeting the following criteria:

Current Stratford University students who are in their final quarter and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better;

Stratford University graduates with an AAS degree who finished with an overall GPA of 3.5 or better; or

Stratford University graduates with a Bachelor’s degree who finished with an overall GPA of 3.5 or better.

Undergraduate students who meet these criteria are awarded a maximum of $1,500, which is disbursed in equal portions of $250 per quarter, for six quarters. Graduate students meeting these criteria are awarded a maximum of $1,050, which is also disbursed in six equal portions of $175 per quarters. To remain eligible for this scholarship, students must take at least two courses during the quarter, maintain a 3.0 GPA for each quarter, and also maintain good-standing status.

Tution Fee


Stratford University charges on a per credit basis.

Courses are 4.5 quarter-credits.

Associate's degrees are 20 courses (90 quarter-credits).

Bachelor's degrees are 40 courses (180 quarter-credits).

Master's degrees are 12 courses (54 quarter-credits).

The Process

The tuition cost per credit is given on the table below. Textbooks, other than those used in General Education courses, are complimentary to registered students.

Academic Level

Tuition per Quarter Credit Hour





Nursing (NSG) Course



The non-refundable application fee is $50. Some classes may have supply and laboratory fees that are not included in the tuition. Other fees include withdrawal fee, graduation fee, and activity fee. Please view the University Catalog for details and specific amounts.