Montreux School Of Business

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Holistic approach
MSB blends traditional business education with a holistic approach. Through the MSB programs, students learn business fundamentals and personal development which will enable them to enter the workforce armed with both the hard and soft skills of business.

Practitioner perspective
MSB faculty members are successful business professionals who will offer you invaluable mentorship. They will bring their first-hand business experience to the classroom, and inspire you to become business leaders.

Unique Location
Overlooking the beautiful Lake Geneva, MSB is the perfect learning and inspiring environment. Students have the opportunity to study at a school situated just a short walk from the Lake and the surrounding French and Swiss Alps.

To respond to the needs and challenges of the Information Age, the Montreux School of Business wants to provide a university education with a difference by implementing an innovative curriculum (interdisciplinary, integrated, and research-based) that inspires students to develop the hard skills and soft skills they will need to become successful business leaders in the changing marketplace of the 21st century.

At the Montreux School of Business, our international faculty prepares students for the 21st century management through holistic personal development and high-quality university education that encompasses eight areas of learning: THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE, HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE (REAL-LIFE, OPEN-ENDED PROJECTS), COMMUNICATION SKILLS, INFORMATION LITERACY ABILITIES, LEADERSHIP, SOFT SKILLS (I.E. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE), MENTORING BY SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONALS, SPORTS ACTIVITIES

15 Reasons to study at MSB:

Internationally recognized degrees

American and European credit system

Exchange Programs

Student-centered learning

Mentoring from successful professionals and entrepreneurs

Small classrooms

Possible 6-Month Internship

Guaranteed internship for the Top 3 finance graduates

Study abroad program at our partner universities

International and multicultural learning environment

Beautiful learning environment

Safe and secure environment

Numerous sport activities (Tennis, pool, hammam, sauna, gym etc)

Center for Language Studies

Center for Human Resources Management

Researchers and educators worldwide believe that universities now have to create and sustain new models of learning that prepare students to become successful leaders in the changing global marketplace of the 21st century. At the Montreux School of Business, we have implemented innovative teaching paradigms that foster critical thinking, leadership, team playing, problem-solving, and decision-making as well as develop strong communication skills.

Our interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs of study will equip students with both the soft skill and hard skills that most companies say are lacking in today’s university graduates. In other words, we have integrated the humanities, foreign languages, math, science, real-world projects, and sports activities into our business programs to provide students with a holistic learning experience that develops the whole person.         


Undergraduate Degree:

International Business Administration 
Human Resources Management

Graduate Degree:

International Management 
Human Resource Management



English Requirements


Tution Fee