La Rochelle Business School

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La Rochelle Business School (Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle), is a major regional player. In a globalized world, characterised by change, complexity and uncertainty, the School’s mission is to:

·         Provide undergraduate, graduate and executive business education whereby : 

  • LEARNERS (students and professionals) acquire the human, technical and cultural skills and competencies to enhance their employability and receive guidance and direction to achieve their professional and personal goals
  • BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS recruit graduates and address the professional development of their managers to meet the challenges of change and growth

·         Develop knowledge in business and management through research and disseminate results to the academic and professional communities

·         Contribute to the territorial and regional economic future by mobilizing its networks and areas of expertise (sustainable management and tourism).

The School’s core values and educational aims are:

·         Respect, tolerance and trust

·         Commitment and responsibility

·         Honesty and integrity

·         Teamwork and solidarity

·         Sound knowledge of management disciplines

·         Openness to the world and to other

·         Responsible management: environmental and social responsibility

While our primary mission is to deliver high-quality academic skills, we also strongly believe that it is by working on the behaviour and personal fulfilment of the student that we can produce rounded and accomplished managers.

In an increasingly complex world, our primary aim is to ensure that tomorrow’s managers are human and humanistic, responsible and accountable.

For this reason, our school endeavours to transmit to all those involved — students, teachers and administrative staff — the core values it holds:

·         Respect, tolerance and consideration

·         Commitment and responsibility

·         Honesty and integrity

·         Teamwork and solidarity

·         Open-mindedness towards the world and to other

·         Responsible management (link to Environmental and Social Responsibility)

La Rochelle Business School can also be identified by its genuine support for social and cultural diversity. This can be seen in our participation in the social mobility programme (link to the Passerelle Ascenseur Social website) run by the Passerelle association. Because society is diverse, there should be more than just one profile for managers; they should come from all walks of life and be involved in the most varied projects and experiences.


Specialized MBA

Hospitality Management

Event management

Travel Management

Management du Sport

Specialized MBA

International Business Strategy

Audit and Consultancy

Sustainable Management

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Luxury Marketing and Communication Management


Bachelor Hospitality and Gastronomy management

Bachelor Event and Leisure management

Bachelor Travel and Tourism management

MBA Hospitality Management

MBA Event Management

MBA Travel Management

MBA Management du Sport

MSc Tourism and Management

English Requirements

Undergraduate degrees: IELTS – 5.5; TOEFL (paper based) – 513; TOEFL IBT – 65

Graduate degrees: IELTS – 6.0; TOEFL (paper based) – 523; TOEFL IBT – 70



Scholarships are available based on merit. 

Tution Fee

Programs European Students* Non European Students
BACHELOR IN BUSINESS 1st year 6 590 € 7 900 €
BACHELOR IN BUSINESS 2nd year 6 800 € 8 100 €
BACHELOR IN BUSINESS 3rd year 6 800 € 8 100 €
BACHELOR IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT 1st year 6 590 € 7 900 €
BACHELOR IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT 2nd year 6 800 € 8 100 €
BACHELOR IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT 3rd year 6 800 € 8 100 €
ESC - MASTER IN MANAGEMENT 1st year  8 950 € 9 500 €
ESC - MASTER IN MANAGEMENT 2nd year 9 200 € 9 400 €
SPECIALIZED MBA 1st year 17 500€ (2 years)
(8 750 € / year) 
19 900€ (2 years)
(9 950 € / year) 
SPECIALIZED MBA Spécialisé 2nd year 10 100 € 11 500 €
GLOBAL MBA 12 500€ 16 500€