Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

- Hong Kong



To advance learning and knowledge through teaching and research, particularly:

  • in science, technology, engineering, management and business studies;
  • at the postgraduate level; and
  • to assist in the economic and social development of Hong Kong


To be a leading University with significant international impact and strong local commitment.

Global – To be a world-class university at the cutting edge internationally in all targeted fields of pursuit.

National – To contribute to the economic and social development of the nation as a leading University in China.

Local – To play a key role, in partnership with government, business, and industry, in the development of Hong Kong as a knowledge-based society.


  • Undergraduates: 8,849
  • Postgraduates: 4,230
  • Local-Hong Kong students: 9,454
  • Non-local students: 3,625



School of Science

School of Engineering

School of Business and Management

School of Humanities and Social Science

English Requirements


For detailed information please contact university.

Tution Fee

(except the World Bachelor in Business program, which is jointly run with the University of Southern California and Bocconi University) 15,400

(cost for University housing during the academic year, excluding utilities and meals)

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1,300 - 3,200 1,070 107
Personal Expenses
27,000 - 36,000
(3,000 - 4,000 per month)
2,700 - 3,600
(300 - 400 per month)
Buffer for Ad-hoc Expenses 1,900 ESTIMATED TOTAL 22,200 - 25,300   <td class="&quot;homewhere&quot;" style="&quot;color:" rgb(119,="" 119,="" 119);="" font-family:="" arial;="" font-size:="" 18px;="" font-weight:="" bold;="" border:="" 1px="" solid="" rgb(204,="" 204,="" 204);="" padding:="" 5px="" 10px;="" vertical-align:="" top;="" text-align:="" left;"="">17,000 - 20,000