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Set in a historic student city, Oxford Brookes is one of the UK’s leading modern universities and enjoys an international reputation for teaching excellence and innovation as well as strong links with business and industry. Find out what makes Oxford Brookes unique...

Oxford Brookes University began life as the Oxford School of Art in 1865, when it occupied one room on the ground floor of the Taylor Institution in the centre of the city. Five years later the School of Science was incorporated, offering a wide range of scientific and technical subjects and evening classes in the University Museum. In 1891, the School was taken over by Oxford City Council’s Technical Instruction Committee and renamed Oxford City Technical School. 

In 1956 the institution became the Oxford College of Technology.  Four years later, the Government announced its decision to create polytechnics, and the Oxford College of Technology became Oxford Polytechnic in 1970. Oxford Polytechnic became a university in 1992 under government legislation and decided to honor its founding Principal, John Brookes, in its new title.

Oxford Brookes is based on three campuses in and around Oxford, which all include libraries, 24-hour computer rooms and social spaces, as well as specialist facilities for the subjects studied there. Each of our campuses in Oxford has residential accommodation, playing fields, a library, computer rooms and Brookes Union shops. And when you need a bite to eat, there are cafes, snack kiosks and bars, as well as catering facilities serving breakfasts, lunches and evening meals.


Faculty of Business

·         Business School

·         Oxford School of Hospitality Management

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

·         Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

·         Department of Clinical Health Care

·         Department of Psychology, Social Work and Public Health

·         Department of Sport and Health Sciences

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

·         School of Education

·         Department of English and Modern Languages

·         Department of History, Philosophy and Religion

·         School of Law

·         Institute of Public Law

·         Department of Social Sciences

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

·         School of Architecture

·         School of Arts

·         Department of Computing and Communication Technologies

·         Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

·         Department of Planning

·         Department of Real Estate and Construction

English Requirements


Foundation level

4.5 overall with 4.5 in all skills for International Foundation Diploma (Extended pathway)

5.0 overall with 5.0 in all skills for International Foundation Diploma

6.5 overall with 6.0 in all skills for Foundation Diploma in Liberal Arts:

Integrated foundation - four year degrees

5.5 overall with 5.5 in all skills for International Foundation Business & Technology and International Foundation Arts, Humanities & Law.

6.0 with 6.0 in reading and writing, 5.5 in listening and speaking for Engineering Foundation and Computing Foundation.

6.0 overall with 5.5 in all skills for Built Environment Foundation

Undergraduate level

6.5 overall with 6.0 in reading and writing, 5.5 in listening and speaking for Law, Psychology, Architecture, English, Accounting and Finance

6.5 or 7.0 overall with 6.0 in reading and writing, 5.5 in listening and speaking for courses in Health and Social Care (see individual course details)

6.0 overall with 6.0 in reading and writing; 5.5 in listening and speaking for all other undergraduate courses

Postgraduate level

6.0-7.0 overall (with 6.0 in reading and writing, 5.5 in listening and speaking) depending on the subject


Financial help for undergraduate international students from outside the EU

Oxford Brookes International Academic Excellence Scholarships:

Oxford Brookes International is offering a range of scholarships of £2,000 to international students who are starting the first year of an undergraduate degree in September 2014.

What scholarships are available?

One scholarship is available to applicants from each of the following countries 


Hong Kong 





Up to 6 scholarships are also available for students paying international fees from any country.

Who is eligible?

You must be holding an unconditional offer from Oxford Brookes in order to apply. You will need to show evidence of substantially above average academic achievement and potential.

How do you apply?

Please complete the international scholarship registration form by 20 June 2014.

Scholarships are awarded for academic excellence based on our assessment of your UCAS application, including the personal statement, references and previous qualifications (academic and English language).

What happens if you are successful?

We will contact successful applicants within one month of their application. If you do not hear from us, it will mean you have not been successful.

Awards will automatically be deducted your tuition fees. There is no contribution to living expenses.

Family Discount:

If two or more members of immediate family are studying and paying fees at Oxford Brookes at the same time, we will deduct 10% from your tuition fees for each family member.

This discount is open to all family members (siblings and spouses) who are categorised as 'overseas' for fees purposes.

Visa Discount:

If you are a self-financing student, the university will pay up to £422 towards the cost of visa renewal for international students who wish to progress to an Oxford Brookes undergraduate course starting in September 2014 after completing any of the following courses:

University English

International Foundation Diploma

Foundation Diploma in Liberal Arts

Foundation Art and Design

International Summer Programme

To claim this discount, students should apply either in person at the Student Central counter or in writing to the Student Finance Office after having renewed and paid for their visa. They must provide a copy of their passport showing the visa renewal sticker or stamp, which must be dated after they have finished their course. Unless a request is made no discount will be awarded. The discount will be debited against the tuition fees for their first semester. Only one visa renewal discount will be awarded per course.

Oxford Brookes International Foundation Scholarship:

Two scholarships of £2,000 each are available for our international four year foundation programmes. These include a foundation as an integral part of a degree programme so you only need to make one application. 

To be eligible for the scholarship you will need to have received an unconditional offer for either the International Foundation Business and Technology or theInternational Foundation Arts, Humanities and Law starting in September 2014. 

No additional application is required – all applicants will be automatically considered for the scholarship. If you do not hear from us within one month of your application, it will mean you have not been successful. 

 The scholarships are awarded based on our assessment of your academic potential. We will take into account your personal statement, references and previous qualifications (academic and English language). Awards will automatically be deducted your tuition fees. There is no contribution to living expenses.

Other Scholarships:

Other sources of funding are available from time to time. For more information, please contact your local British Council office or visit the websites of the UK Council for International Student Affairs or Education UK.

You may also like to check whether your own country or home university provides financial support for studying abroad.

Funding options for postgraduate international students

Oxford Brookes offers a range of scholarships to international postgraduate students who pay international fees.

John Henry Brookes Scholarships - September 2014 entry

Santander Scholarships 2014-15

Alumnus Discount Scheme

Faculty or Department Taught Masters Scholarships - September 2014 Entry

de Rohan Scholarship

Family Discount

Visa Discount

Other Scholarships

Funding for Research Degrees

Tution Fee

For detailed information please contact university.