Istanbul Technical University - North Cyprus

Famagusta - Cyprus


With over 240 years of experience in education and training, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) now has a campus in North Cyprus, which is called ITU-TRNC Education-Research Campuses. ITU-TRNC is a state university established by a special law which has a vision of modern, contemporary and innovative education and it aims to provide students with the same educational and training standards of ITU.

ITU-TRNC Education-Research Campuses are located in the city of Famagusta and have been admitting students into three departments since 2010. In the forthcoming years, the university aims to provide undergraduate education in several other fields.

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ITU-TRNC Education-Research Campuses offer three undergraduate programmes in the areas of 

Marine Engineering,

Maritime Transportation Management Engineering,

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

English Requirements

English is the language of instruction at ITU-TRNC Education-Research Campuses in one-year English preparatory school and four years of undergraduate education. ITU-TRNC students will be afforded all the national and international opportunities given to our ITU main campus students. Graduating students will receive a diploma that includes with all rights and privileges of ITU.


Students who are awarded full scholarship (100%) are not obliged to pay tuition fees for 5 years; 1 year Preparatory School and 4 years Undergraduate Programme. Similarly, students with 50% scholarships are exempt of paying 50% of their tuition fees. 

Tution Fee

The annual tuition fee for all international students studying in Bachelor of science (undergraduate programmes) in ITU-TRNC is $ 7,500 per year (for 2014-2015  Academic Year). The annual tuition fee is to be paid in two equal installments prior to the registration of each semester.

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