Fairleigh Dickinson University Vancouver

British Columbia - Canada


As a leading innovator in global education, Fairleigh Dickinson University seeks new ways to offer its unique learning opportunities to students worldwide. The University's newest campus opened in 2007 inVancouver, British Columbia. Located in western Canada near the U.S. border, Vancouver is one of the world’s most scenic, cosmopolitan and multicultural cities.

The Vancouver Campus offers students one of the few opportunities to earn an American college degree while studying in Canada. Vancouver welcomes students from around the world to create a culturally diverse learning environment. Vancouver offers resources to students who need additional support in developing their English-language skills before starting degree studies.

Fairleigh Dickinson University is a center of academic excellence dedicated to the preparation of world citizens through global education. The University strives to provide students with the multidisciplinary, intercultural and ethical understandings necessary to participate, lead and prosper in the global marketplace of ideas, commerce and culture.

Founded in 1942, FDU is New Jersey's largest private University, serving nearly 12,000 graduate and undergraduate students, including more than 1,000 international students from around the world. The University's two U.S. campuses are in northern New Jersey, near New York City. In addition to FDU-Vancouver, the University owns and operates a campus in Wroxton, England.

The Vancouver Campus is operated through the Fairleigh Dickinson University of British Columbia Foundation, which is a not-for-profit entity in British Columbia, Canada.



Business Administration

Information Technology

Individualized Studies


Administrative Science

English Requirements


Scholarships for International Students and American Citizens Abroad

College is the most important investment you’ll ever make.  At Fairleigh Dickinson University, we work closely with you and your family to make our quality private education an affordable investment. To be considered for an FDU academic scholarship or grant, you must:

  • Complete the FDU Application for Admission for International Students and American Citizens Abroad and submit all required documents; and
  • Submit the International Scholarship Application form.
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Fall (August): July 1
    • Spring (January): December 1

Col. Fairleigh S. Dickinson Scholarship

·         Academic scholarships awarded to qualified, first-time undergraduate freshmen.

  • Renewable up to four years.

$1,000 to $15,000 per year

  • SAT/ACT not required.
  • Global Housing Grant

    For students living on campus at the Metropolitan Campus ONLY.


    $16,000 per year

    Proof of PTK membership must be attached to application for admission.

  • Renewable annually.

$1,000 to $12,000 per year


    FDU International Graduate Scholarship

    Based on academic merit and demonstrated financial need.


$1,500 per year

Maximum of $1,500 awarded per person annually while both students are enrolled. Certain restrictions apply.

$1,500 per year

  • Awarded annually based on continued full-time enrollment.

Award Amount Varies (up to full tuition and housing)

All recipients are subject to Division I rules and regulations of the NCAA.

FOR ALL STUDENTS (Freshmen, Transfer and Graduate)

$1,000 (a one-time grant)

Requires a recommendation from an FDU graduate, faculty member or trustee.

  • ELS English Language Center Grant

    Awarded to graduates of ELS level 112 (certain restrictions apply).


    Scholarship awards vary in amount, however many are significant enough to help academically talented students with the cost of attendance.

  • Scholarship award notification will be sent at the time of admission.
  • Early application is encouraged to receive priority consideration.
  • Scholarships are renewable at the same funding level for each academic year, contingent upon successful academic performance.
  • <strong style="&quot;line-height:" 1.6em;"="">Awards may not be used at other institutions.

Tution Fee

Undergraduate Degree Programs

All fees, tuition and charges are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the University's Board of Trustees. These fees are 2013-2014 fees. All charges are shown in U.S. dollars. New tuition and fee charges for 2014-2015 will be announced in the spring of 2014. Please check with the Office of Enrollment Services for current charges.



Application Fee



All students applying to the University for the first time and all students reapplying after a lapse of one or more semesters will be charged the application fee, which will not be refunded or credited to tuition.




New students only, non refundable portion of tuition deposit. (Will be applied to first semester tuition.)



Tuition -- per credit hour


Undergraduate students, Vancouver Campus, per credit hour



Technology fee per trimester



Returned check charge



Transcript fee (per copy)



Temporary Student Health Insurance Fee (per day)



New student fee, non refundable (international students, new freshmen and transfers)



Graduation fee (undergraduate degrees)



Certification Exam - Data Communication (B.S. IT degree)optional



Certification Exam - Network and Information Security (B.S. IT degree) optional



Certification Exam - Computer Concepts and Technology



Lab Fees:


Information Technology










Experiential Learning Credits

Fee per posting (6 credit limit)




Fee per Posting


Special Challenge Examinations and other University-evaluated credit for prior experience



Auditing fee, regular (per course)



Add $10.00 registration fee per semester and any required course fees


Other Expenses

Estimated cost for each academic year for books, supplies and equipment varies is about $700, depending upon the curriculum. You may be able to reduce this cost by purchasing used textbooks or e-textbooks from the FDU-Vancouver bookstore.

Estimated Totals


New student (first semester of enrollment)

Tuition $11,120 (16 credits)

Technology Fee $111

New Student Orientation Fee $474

Total charges for one semester $11,705


Tuition $22,240 (two semesters-32 credits)

Technology Fee $222

New Student Orientation Fee (first semester only) $474

Total charges for two semesters $22,936