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We know you will enjoy exploring all our independent technological university has to offer: quality programs, excellent faculty, a focus on effective teaching, hands-on research conducted by undergraduates and graduate students and a championship tradition in athletics

With our focus on student success, Florida Institute of Technology’s mission is to provide high-quality education to a culturally diverse student body in order to prepare students for entering the global workforce, seeking higher-education opportunities, and serving within their communities. The university also seeks to expand knowledge through basic and applied research and to serve the diverse economic, cultural and societal needs of our local, state, national and international constituencies.

In support of this mission, we are committed to:

  • Fostering and sustaining a productive institutional culture of assessment leading to the continuous improvement of academic and administrative programs in order to promote student development;
  • Developing an organizational culture that values and encourages intellectual curiosity, a sense of belonging and shared purpose among faculty, students and staff, and the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors;
  • Recruiting and developing faculty who are internationally recognized as educators, scholars and researchers;
  • Achieving recognition as an effective, innovative, technology-focused educational and research institution;
  • Recruiting and retaining an excellent, highly select and culturally diverse student body;
  • Continually improving the quality of campus life for all members of the university community;
  • Providing personal and career growth opportunities for both traditional and nontraditional students and members of the faculty and staff;
  • Securing and maintaining professional accreditation for all appropriate programs. 




Computer Electrical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Computer Information Science

Aviation Management



Electrical Engineering

Computer Science

Biological Science - Biotechnical

English Requirements


Merit-based International Student Scholarships

International student scholarship applications received on or before January 15 for will receive priority consideration. Academic scholarships are available through the Office of Admission. Scholarships are awarded to students with very strong secondary school grades Scholarships may be available to qualified students regardless of country of citizenship. Scholarships range from $10,500 to $18,000 per year and are awarded automatically at the time of admission. No additional scholarship application is needed. These scholarships are only awarded to students with no prior community college or university course work.

Those students having attended, or who are currently attending, a community college or university may be eligible for a Transfer Scholarship ranging from $8,000 to $13,500 per year and are awarded automatically. If the student attends a community college in the United States and has earned a membership to the community college honor society Phi Theta Kappa, they can combine an additional award with their transfer scholarship for a total of $12,500 per year.

International Student Finances

The university strictly conforms to U.S. immigration laws concerning international students. Upon acceptance, you must provide certified evidence that you have adequate funds to meet all your expenses during the first year of college. In addition, U.S. Immigration requires this information to be on your I-20 form (the form we send you to give to the U.S. Consulate in your country to secure a student visa). It is important for you to know that tuition and fees must be paid prior to the beginning of each semester. Also, even though you are only required to show proof of financial support for the first year, you are expected to have planned funding for the duration of your course of study. 

Tution Fee

Undergraduate Tuition Information

Tuition for full-time undergraduate students (12–19) varies according to the chosen major program of study and admission status (online, on campus). Undergraduate students enrolled in both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses pay the flat-rate tuition as shown. Tuition for full-time undergraduate students (12–19 credit hours) is charged on a semester basis.

Engineering and Science majors (students admitted Spring 2011 or earlier)


Engineering and Science majors (students admitted Summer 2011 or later)


All other majors (students admitted Spring 2011 or earlier)


All other majors (students admitted Summer 2011 or later)


Part-time and Summer

$1,075/credit hour

Registering for 20 credit hours or more

$1,075/credit hour

Florida Tech University Online (undergraduate programs)

$510/credit hour

Dual Enrollment (high school/community college)

$100/credit hour

Graduate Tuition Information

Tuition for graduate students is charged per credit hour based on the student's admission status (Extended Studies, Melbourne campus, Florida Tech University Online).

Melbourne Campus

$1,179/credit hour

Extended Studies (excluding doctoral program)

$588/credit hour

Extended Studies (Doctor of Business Administration)

$1,179/credit hour

Aeronautics Online Graduate Programs (8230, 8231, 8232)

$588/credit hour

Florida Tech University Online (MBA)

$896/credit hour

Florida Tech University Online (Other graduate programs)

$777/credit hour

Psychology Practicum

$515/credit hour

Psychology Internship


Psychology, Doctorate (Psy.D.)


Other Programs / Fees (nonrefundable) 

Application Fees

Undergraduate (paper-based)






Continuing Education




ASC 1006 Mastering eLearning Book (Florida Tech University Online undergraduates only)


Identity Verification for Online Course(s)

No charge

Examination Fees

Equivalency Exam


Final Program Exam


Peregrime Asessment




Facility Fee (full-time undergraduates)


Graduation and Related Fees

Duplicate Diploma


Late Petition


Late Petition (final term)


Thesis/Dissertation Binding (five copies)


Thesis/Dissertation Binding (additional copies)


Dissertation Publishing




Registration Fees

Audit/Continuing Education (waived for full-time undergraduate students)

$245/credit hour/CEU

Cooperative Education


Directed Study

$100/credit hour

English as a Second Language

$660/credit hour



History of Textiles


Late Registration


Scuba Diving

$150/.5 credit hour

Student Account Fees

Identification Card Replacement


Finance Charges


Returned Check (item)


Student Services Fee (full-time Melbourne campus students)