Adelphi University

New York - United States


Adelphi's Garden City campus is university's main campus, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees, post-doctoral study, and adult education programs through its schools: College of Arts and Sciences, the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, the Honors College, the Adult Undergraduate Degree Program(Adult Academic Programs in University College), the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business, College of Nursing and Public Health, School of Social Work, and the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education. Located near Long Island's parks and beaches, the 75-acre campus is only 45 minutes from New York City, offering the combined advantages of a major metropolitan area and a safe, suburban campus environment.

Adelphi University comprises a small liberal arts college and a cluster of professional schools that have grown up in close relationship to the needs of the region. Our mission is to provide quality undergraduate and graduate education and to offer professional preparation of the first rank in arts, education, business, clinical psychology, social work, nursing and other health sciences.

The University prepares a broad spectrum of graduates and undergraduates for a wide range of life pursuits while fostering a passion for knowledge; an understanding and a questioning of cultural values; and a view of themselves as independent, lifelong learners, and contributors to knowledge and service in an ever-changing world.
diversity, and curricula that reflect global awareness. Thus, Adelphi recruits students not only from Long Island and the greater metropolitan New York area, but nationally and internationally as well. Adelphi also seeks to attract an outstanding faculty, committed to teaching excellence, scholarly inquiry and artistic achievement, and public service, from all parts of the United States and from abroad.

Adelphi believes in the broad development of students necessary to their serving as effective and enlightened persons in society. In addition, therefore, to its traditional emphasis on teaching and research, Adelphi supports the growth of students outside the classroom by offering a wide range of cultural and artistic programs, and leadership and participatory opportunities in athletics and recreational programs; in internships, public and community service; and in student government.




Theater Design


Computer Science




Business Administration (MBA)

Teaching English as a second language (TESOL)


English Requirements


Institutional scholarships and grants are applicable to tuition and, in some cases, university fees. The University reserves the right to adjust the financial assistance previously awarded when these awards in combination with other sources of assistance exceed the cost of tuition and fees. Awards include, but are not limited to, VA educational benefits, external awards, and state scholarships and grants. 

For detailed information, please contact the university.

Tution Fee



Per Semester



Full-time Students (12 - 17 credits)


Tuition and Fees



Tuition and Fees for Upper Division Nursing*, Social Work and Education**




Part-time Students (1 - 11 credits)


Tuition, per credit hour



Tuition, per credit hour for Upper Division Nursing*, Education** and Social Work



University Fees



Student Activity Fee




Tuition for students enrolled in the University College program is $805 per credit with University fees of $290 for part-time students (1-11 credits) and $430 for full-time students (12 or more credits).

Tuition for students enrolled in the Social Work (BSW) program in Manhattan/Hauppauge is $755 and $850 respectively, per credit with University fees of $275 per semester for part-time students (1-11 credits) and $415 for full-time students (12 or more credits).

*In addition, there is a $390 charge for each clinical nursing course and a liability insurance fee charged for each semester.

**The Education upper division rate will be charged to all Education majors with 55 or more credits including all STEP students regardless of class level.


Per Semester



Full-time Students (12 or more credits)


Communication Disorders tuition and fees



Education STEP Program tuition and fees



Derner IAPS (Doctoral)



Social Work tuition and fees




All Other Programs & Part-time Students (1-11 credits)

Tuition per credit hour


Arts & Sciences, Business, Nursing, Derner IAPS (Masters), and University College



Audiology Consortium



Communication Disorders






Derner IAPS



Derner IAPS Postgraduate Program

(per semester)


Emergency Management M.S. (Online)



Healthcare Informatics M.S. (Online)



Nursing Ph.D.



Social Work M.S.W.



Social Work Ph.D.




University Fees for Garden City campus


1-6 credits



7-11 credits



12 or more credits




The following tuition rates apply only to graduate students registered at the Adelphi Manhattan Center

Tuition per credit hour





Speech and Hearing



Social Work***




The following tuition rate applies only to graduate students registered at the Adelphi Hudson Valley/Hauppauge Center

Tuition per credit hour


Social Work***




University Fees for Manhattan, Hudson Valley and Hauppauge Centers


1-11 credits



12 or more credits



*** Social Work students taking required courses at the Garden City campus which are not offered in Manhattan/Hudson Valley/Hauppauge will be charged the Manhattan/Hudson Valley/Hauppauge Center tuition rate. Those who elect to take additional Garden City courses will be governed by the Garden City tuition and fee rates.