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Cattolica, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) is the largest private university in Italy and in Europe. It is a prestigious comprehensive research and teaching university, recently ranked number 11 across Italy's 90 universities. With over 42,000 students and 2,000 faculty and staff, Cattolica offers some of the most exciting and challenging academic programs and disciplines, in areas of medicine and health sciences, economics, business, international relations, political science, psychology and communications.

attolica offers the ideal study environment for a  or  program taught in English or Italian, or a prestigious or  degree taught in Italian and in some cases in English.

<span style="&quot;line-height:" 1.6em;"="">Cattolica takes great pride in supporting its international students, through accommodation, and specialist advising and health services that are the envy of universities across Italy and Europe.



  • School of Agriculture, Piacenza-Cremona (founded 1951)
  • School of Arts and Philosophy (1923)
  • School of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences (1990)
  • School of Economics (1947)
  • School of Economics and Law, Piacenza-Cremona (1990)
  • School of Education (1936)
  • School of Law (1923)
  • School of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, Brescia (1968)
  • School of Medicine, Rome (1958)
  • School of Language Sciences and Foreign Literature (1968)
  • School of Political and Social Sciences (1926)
  • School of Psychology (1999)

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