West Coast Ultrasound Institute

California - United States


Who We Are

West Coast Ultrasound Institute (WCUI) is dedicated to the success of its students. We are a private postsecondary vocational institute. Our main campus is located in Beverly Hills, California. We have Branch campuses located in Ontario, California and in Phoenix, Arizona.

West Coast Ultrasound Institute is unique in that it is owned and operated by Board Certified Radiologists, Cardiologists and Technologists that are currently employed in the medical field. Their expertise enables our students to be current in new technology, imaging protocols, and innovations.

Mission Statement

West Coast Ultrasound Institute’s mission is to provide our students with a solid foundation in their field of study. We are dedicated to giving these students a well‐balanced curriculum, which includes classroom instruction, laboratory training, and supervised clinical experience. Students are taught in a supportive educational environment by a highly qualified staff of professionals. We aim to produce superior graduates with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed both professionally and financially. Our goal is to make West Coast Ultrasound Institute (“WCUI”) the preferred source of education in the community for each of our specified fields of study.

Purpose and Philosophy Statement

West Coast Ultrasound Institute believes that the rewards of education are both valuable and enduring. WCUI’s main purpose is to allow each student to reap the rewards of their education by achieving their highest potential in the rapidly growing healthcare industry.

At WCUI, our motto is “Knowledge Builds Careers”.

West Coast Ultrasound Institute has designed specialized programs for all qualified students. These programs develop the students’ knowledge base and cultivate their skills while enabling them to meet the requirements of their particular fields. This allows our students to enter the healthcare job market with confidence. Students who successfully complete the programs offered at WCUI can rely on a solid foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge when they enter the medical field. Students are trained for entry‐level positions in their respective healthcare fields.


Dr. Neville Smith, M.D., a Board Certified Radiologist opened West Coast Ultrasound Institute in 1998 with Myra Chason, BS, BSN, RDMS, a well known instructor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Together with the talents of many instructors well known in the community, they have pioneered the innovative teaching style of “edutaining.” This teaching style is a combination of education and entertainment, this allows the learning process to be more entertaining while still learning the complexities and technical skills necessary in today’s challenging medical careers.

Dr. Smith recognized the importance of a school that specialized in radiological imaging. In addition to the imaging programs he recognized the overwhelming need for a Nursing program. This lead to the development of an outstanding Nursing department with an experienced and innovative Director of Nursing; Karen Hall, RN, BSN, MSN, NP, a graduate from Vanderbilt University.

West Coast Ultrasound Institute is unique in that along with the school, it also operates a low cost ultrasound clinic onsite catering to patients without medical insurance. This clinic has over twenty-five referring medical agencies and primary care physicians. This allows students to participate in “real” patient care through the various training programs.






Social Welfare

English Requirements

TOEFL - 500 points or higher


Tution Fee

Annual Costs
Tuition and fees: $15,500.00
Total Cost In-District Off-Campus: $27,684.00
Total Cost In-State Off-Campus: $27,684.00
Total Cost Out-State Off-Campus: $27,684.00
Total Cost In-District With-Family: $19,228.00
Total Cost In-State With-Family: $19,228.00
Total Cost Out-State With-Family: $19,228.00