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More than 40 years later, NAU has a lot to be proud of, including its nationally ranked programs, its high-research status, and its emergence as a leader in sustainability, science, business, green building, and cultural arts

Noted Flagstaff historian Dr. Platt Cline has characterized NAU as an institution that has thrived throughout the years due to our strong leadership, the devotion of former students and faculty, and community support for the school's success.

Empowered by the Arizona Board of Regents to provide educational opportunities statewide, the university now serves approximately 25,000 students at the Flagstaff campus, more than 30 statewide locations, and online—offering nearly 150 combined undergraduate and graduate degree programs, all distinguished by an ongoing commitment to close student-faculty relationships.


Incoming Arizona resident

$8,871 (guaranteed for four years)

Incoming nonresident

$21,226 (guaranteed for four years)

Incoming Western Undergraduate Exchange students

$13,308 (guaranteed for four years)

Enrollment (Fall 2013)



Flagstaff campus


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<span style="&quot;line-height:" 1.6em;"="">Your success 

To ensure your future success, we are committed to placing the needs of you, the learner, at the center of everything we do. Our distinguished professors are committed not only to teaching you, but serving as mentors and working with you as well. Here, hands-on learning and the opportunities for research and creative pursuits are available to you, even as an undergraduate.

Distance education 

It’s important to us to provide all qualified students with access to higher education. Through The Extended Campuses of Northern Arizona, you can earn a degree at over 30 statewide sites and online.


Celebrating and promoting diversity is a cornerstone of the university. To help broaden your university experience, we sponsor a variety of international opportunities and multicultural events. We welcome nearly 1,000 international students to our campus each year, representing more than 60 countries worldwide.

We promote inclusion throughout your entire university curriculum. Additionally, we create opportunities for all diverse groups to share their perspectives and knowledge—so all students receive a rich learning experience. Together, we build a civil, engaging, and respectful campus climate where all backgrounds are respected. 

All students are encouraged to participate in our wide array of student clubs and organizations that foster diverse interests.    



American Political Studies


y - Emphasis

Sociocultural Anthropology - Emphasis

Applied Computer Science

Applied Indigenous Studies

Applied Indigenous Studies

Applied Science - Administration

Applied Science - Criminal Justice

Applied Science - Early Childhood

Applied Science - Emergency Management

Applied Science - Industrial Technology Management

Applied Science - Intelligence Studies

Applied Science - Law Enforcement Management

Applied Science - Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Applied Science - Public Administration

Applied Science - Technology Management

Art Education


Biological and Ecological Sciences


Biomedical Science

Business Administration

Entrepreneurship and Small Business - Emphasis

Global Business - Emphasis

Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Emphasis

Management - Emphasis

Marketing - Emphasis

Business Economics

Career and Technical Education 90-30

Business and Marketing - Emphasis

Education and Training - Emphasis

Family and Consumer Science - Emphasis

Health Careers - Emphasis

Industrial and Emerging Technologies - Emphasis

Occupational - Emphasis


Biochemistry ACS - Emphasis

Chemistry ACS - Emphasis

Chemistry Advanced - Emphasis

Forensics & Criminalistics - Emphasis

Health Preprofessional - Emphasis

English Requirements


IELTS – 6.0

TOEFL - 70

<span style="&quot;line-height:" 1.6em;"="">Graduate:

IELTS – 6.5

TOEFL - 80


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