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The choice you make about your education impacts your career and your life. At Golden Gate University, we realize the importance of your decision and are proud to meet the career and educational needs for busy adults.


Golden Gate University programs are catered to the needs of professionals entering or advancing their careers. We offer flexible scheduling as well as personalized academic and career advising to help you craft your own academic experience.

The high retention and graduation rates for our Undergraduate Programs, School of Taxation, School of Accounting, School of Law, and Ageno School of Business are a result of our small class size, cohort programs, and our faculty's connection to the local business and legal communities.


Golden Gate University's top-rated instructors are what sets us apart from similar institutions. Most of our faculty are professionals working in their fields of expertise. They bring their firsthand experiences and knowledge to the classroom, incorporating cutting-edge practices from the business and legal communities.

The small professor-to-student ratio allows you to build a cooperative learning relationship with your instructors, many of whom continue to mentor students long after classes end. The instructors' blend of educational background and professional experience assure that students will be learning their program area from someone with practical knowledge of the field. Plus, our nationally rated CyberCampus allows students to interact online with faculty easily and quickly.


Golden Gate University offers a variety of scheduling options to accommodate our students' varying availability. Since more than 80% of students attend part-time, classes are offered on campus or online, with programs in the afternoons, evenings, and even on weekends. Take classes at our San Francisco campus, online, or figure out a combination of the two that best works for you.

Our academic advisors will work with you to build a plan that best suits you. You can take courses while working full time, while traveling, or while raising a family. We also offer a range of scholarships and grants for undergraduate or graduate students, both on a need-based and a merit-based basis.

As a student at GGU, you are not just learning, you are building connections with leaders in your field, working with experienced professionals, and receiving a career-based education. We also offer a full gamut of internships, career development resources, and counseling services. We'll give you the tools to achieve your professional goals, and new momentum to reach your personal ones.





Business Administration (MBA)


Human Resources Management

Project Management


English Requirements




This scholarship will be offered to the most qualified graduate students who have, through past and present efforts, demonstrated a substantial and meaningful commitment to community service and social justice. It is intended for tuition costs only and available for renewal through the completion of the original degree program, based upon satisfactory academic progress. You must have received a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited US academic institution or qualified international institution. Students must complete aFAFSA.

  • Before or prior to the end of your first term at Golden Gate University, submit a completed Graduate Community Leadership Scholarship application to Admissions, along with a two page (maximum 1000 words) essay detailing community service
  • Must be a newly, fully admitted graduate student in a degree program in the Ageno School of Business or School of Taxation (excluding EMBA and DBA)
  • You must have a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA upon entering GGU (official sealed transcript from prior institution required.)
  • Complete a minimum of six units per term
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Demonstrate commitment to advocacy, activism, volunteer and/or civic involvement -- not related to your primary profession or job
  • Submit a letter of recommendation or endorsement from someone who is directly affiliated with the work outlined above
  • Fall - July 1
  • Spring - December 1
  • Summer - March 1


  • Apply for The Bita Daryabari Endowed Scholarship for Middle Eastern Students

Through the very generous donation of Golden Gate University graduate Bita Daryabari (MS 96), a scholarship has been set up to be awarded to Middle Eastern Students in the Ageno School of Business. Two graduate students will be selected every other year.

  • Must have been born in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine (Gaza Strip and West Bank), Pakistan, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates or Yemen.
  • May reside in or outside of the US.
  • First preference given to women applying to the MBA program. Second preference given to women applying to the Master of Science degree business related programs with the exception of Taxation and Accounting Schools.
  • Financial need must be demonstrated.
  • Students who are not US citizens or permanent resident, must submit an essay that explains why financial need will be required.
  • Students who are US citizens or permanent residents will be required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to the fall awarding year.
  • Scholarship awarded for duration of students masters degree program, but no long than 6 semesters.
  • Students must be at least half-time status each semester with the exception of the last semester of the masters degree program. If student is less than half-time in the last semester of the masters degree, the scholarship may not exceed 50% of tuition costs.
  • Scholarship amount per semester is $3000 for at least half-time status. There is no increase in scholarship amount for more than half-time status each semester.
  • All scholarship funds are to be applied to Golden Gate University tuition costs only.


Funded by the generous, annual contributions of alumni, friends and tax and accounting firms, these scholarships are awarded to multiple entering and continuing students to programs in the schools of accounting and taxation.


U.S. Federal, State, County or City public employees may receive a 40% discount on tuition costs for any tax course offered at GGU.



This scholarship is intended to assist new undergraduate students in completing their bachelor's degree. Recognition is given to academic excellence.

Qualifications and Details:

·         Must be a first time admitted GGU undergraduate student (international or domestic in a degree program).

·         Must have an entering minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 from US institutions or comparable grade average based on evaluation of international academic credentials (graduated award based on academic performance).

·         Once enrolled at GGU, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0

·         Be enrolled at least half time(6 units per term) at all times.

·         Students must earn a minimum of 6 units each reporting term (grades of AU,Pass/Fail and CR/NoCredit, do not count).

·         Students should have 24 transferable units into to GGU for the Academic Excellence Scholarship. However, if a student does not have the 24 units to transfer into GGU, the student should contact the Financial Aid Office to see what other GGU Scholarships may be available for application.

·         10% of tuition is awarded beginning summer 2014.

Tution Fee