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Founded in 1959, California Lutheran University's dedicated, accomplished faculty works with small classes of undergraduate and graduate students who are open-minded—about ideas, about people, and about faith—and are seeking to grow as individuals. Both in the classroom and outside of it, everyone at Cal Lutheran is committed to helping each student pursue their passions to discover their purpose, and follow that purpose to transform their community—and the world.

Through our undergraduate programs, we offer 36 majors, 34 minors, and 7 pre-professional programs. Additionally, our accelerated Bachelor's Degree for Professionals is designed to meet the needs of part-time returning adult students.

Our highly regarded graduate programs include post-graduate degrees in business, computer science, education, psychology, and public policy and administration, with doctorates in educational leadership, higher education leadership, and clinical psychology. We also offer post-graduate credentials and certifications.

Located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, our main 225-acre Thousand Oaks campus is complemented by two satellite locations in nearby Woodland Hills and Oxnard. Together, they are home to our dynamic liberal arts and science programs, with more than 2,700 undergraduate and 1,400 graduate students.



Business Administration




Exercise Science




Computer Science

Information Systems and Technology

Public Policy and Administration



English Requirements


Academic Scholarships for 2014-15 Freshmen

Incoming freshmen students are reviewed and awarded based on their academic records including grades and standardized testing. Academic scholarships are renewable for subsequent years.

Academic Scholarships for 2014-15 Transfer Students

Transfer scholarships are based on a combination of college GPA and the number of transferable credits. Students are encouraged to complete course work that meets CLU's Core Requirements. By doing so, students may increase scholarship eligibility. Academic scholarships are renewable for subsequent years.

CLU Presidential Scholarships

Presidential Scholarships were established to recognize and reward graduating high school seniors in the top tier of our applicant pool who embody the University’s educational and leadership goals. Students who come to campus for Honors Day will interview for the top scholarships offered by the University.

Students must meet the Early Action Application Deadline (November 1st) to be considered for the Presidential Scholarships. The scholarships awarded through this program will replace any academic scholarship the student received at the time of admission. CLU Presidential scholarships are renewable for subsequent years.

CLU Guarantee Scholarship

CLU offers freshmen and transfer students who are also admitted to UCLA, UCSB, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, or UCSD a renewable scholarship based on the Cost of Attendance (COA) at CLU and these public institutions. The scholarships make the cost of attending CLU approximately the same as the cost of attending one of these five University of California schools.

The scholarships awarded through this program will replace any academic scholarship the student received at the time of admission. CLU Guarantee Scholarships are renewable for subsequent years.


CLU Endowed & Restricted Scholarships

Undergraduate scholarship applications are now being accepted for CLU Endowed & Restricted Scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year. These scholarships are made possible for students through the generosity of the University's donors.

For continuing students, the deadline to apply for these scholarships is March 24, 2014.

For incoming students, the deadline to apply for these scholarships is March 31, 2014.

To complete an application and view available scholarships please visit Cal Lutheran Scholarships and log in using your MyCLU username and password. Once logged in, you are welcome to apply for as many scholarships as you like, as long as you fulfill the noted criteria.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships for students interested in studying abroad are available for Fall, Spring and Summer terms. For more information on this scholarship, please contact the Study Abroad office.

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Scholarship

The Visual and Performing Arts have a prestigious home at Cal Lutheran. Whether staging a play in our Blackbox Theatre, touring the world with our Wind Ensemble, or pushing the boundaries of conventional art, our students pursue artistic expression without limits.

Incoming freshman and transfer applicants with superior talent in the areas of Music, Theatre Arts, or Visual Art can apply and audition for a VAPA Scholarship prior to enrolling at Cal Lutheran. Music and Theatre Arts Scholarships can be awarded up to $30,000** and are renewable for subsequent years. For more information on audition requirements please visit the department websites (Music, Theatre Arts, Visual Art). 

Alumni Scholarship

Students who are the child or grandchild of a graduate of a Cal Lutheran degree program are eligible to receive a scholarship in the amount of $1,000 during their first academic year of enrollment at Cal Lutheran.

International Scholarships

Cal Lutheran offers International Scholarships to students who apply to Cal Lutheran through the Norway America Association (NorAm). The scholarship amount remains the same for all years of attendance at Cal Lutheran. The scholarship amount DOES NOT increase or decrease. For more information, please contact the Office of Admission.

CLU Graduate Academic Scholarships

Graduate Academic Scholarships are offered to graduate and credential students based on financial need as demonstrated by the FAFSA, a GPA of 3.0 or better and full-time enrollment in the program. The scholarship ranges from $500–$1,250 per academic year. To meet the priority deadline, the FAFSA and Application for Graduate Financial Aid must be filed by April 30th of the academic year prior to the student's expected enrollment. For example, for the 2013–14 award year, both the FAFSA and Application for Graduate Financial Aid must be filed by April 30, 2013. Since there are a limited number of awards available, Graduate Academic Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to apply as soon as possible.

Please note that the following students are NOT eligible to receive a Graduate Academic Scholarship:

·    CLU staff members who are eligible to receive Tuition Remission.

·     Students who have been awarded a Graduate Assistantship during the same semester as the Graduate Academic Scholarship. [Students cannot have a Graduate Academic Scholarship and a Graduate Assistantship and for the same term.]

Congregational Partners in Education (CPE) Award

This renewable award allows congregations of any faith to assist outstanding young people who have demonstrated a commitment to the life and work of their church. Cal Lutheran will match gifts from the congregation in support of a student in $100 increments to a maximum of $2,500 as long as the student is enrolled full time. In order to qualify for the match, the check must come from the congregation and be made out to the University (it should not be written directly to the student attending Cal Lutheran). For more information, please visit the CPE website.


Tution Fee

Undergraduate Programs

Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 Academic Year

Tuition and Fees Per Semester Total for Fall 2014 – Spring 2015
Full time: 
12-18 units per semester
$18,345 $36,690
Full time with Additional Units: 
Any units in excess of 18 per semester
plus $1,180 for every unit over 18
plus $1,180 for every unit over 18
Part time: 
1-11 unit per semester
$1,180 per unit $1,180 per unit
Student Fees (non-refundable)* $225 $450

* Student Fees are subject to change (includes ASCLU and Technology Fees)


Room Per Semester Total for Fall 2014 – Spring 2015
Standard Residence Halls $3,365 $6,730
Kramer** $4,505 $9,010
Mogen ** $4,590 $9,180
Grace Hall/Trinity Hall ** $5,365 $10,730
Trinity Hall Studio ** $5,655 $11,310

** Residents in Kramer, Mogen, Grace, and Trinity Halls are not required to purchase a meal plan. 
Click here for more information on Housing.

Board Per Semester Total for Fall 2014 – Spring 2015
19 Block Plan + $50 (Munch Money)
per semester
$2,835 $5,670
15 Block Plan + $200 (Munch Money)
per semester
$3,000 $6,000

12 Plus Plan + $225 (Munch Money) per semester

$2,905 $5,810
100 Block Plan + $75 (100 meals/semester +$75)*** $1,015 $2,030
50 Block Plan + $225 (50 meals/semester +$225)*** $835 $1,670

*** Available only to residents in Mogen, Kramer, University Houses, Grace, and Trinity Halls
Click here for more information on Meal Plans.